Welcome to Japes Cleaning Services

Japes is a registered company in Kenya established to offer professional cleaning services in Nairobi. We provide high quality services in various fields related to the above mentioned in regard to environmental care.


Office and carpet cleaning

You want to stay on top of all of the things that need to be done? Call Japes now!!!

Garbage Collection

Working with Japes is easy. You put your garbage out. Your garbage gets picked up.

Fumigation and pest control

Japes is able to handle a job of any size, depending on the type of structure that needs to be fumigated.

Cleaning Services Consultancy

Our clients prefer us over other professional cleaning companies because we provide all the professional cleaning services and consultancy they need.

Septic system services

Both septic tank and aerobic septic systems require regular servicing. We provide all of them and at a convenient and affordable price. Our services include pumping, cleaning, installing and replacing septic systems.


Japes landscapers can help you select a garden style to complement your home and lifestyle. Our creative designs range from naturalizing schemes utilizing native plants, to formal manicured layouts.

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